New to Thuja (Forest Advice)


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Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania
Alright so there’s this native plant nursery near me I’m in 6B here in PA. They have awesome Eastern White Cedar seedlings that are 3-5 years old growing in nursery soil , in small-ish pots.
The Idea would be to use one of my recycled nursery trays, put a screen down, put a layer of draining soil, and use the nursery soil mostly they came in , but I want to reduce the root balls down to tree base , and take a bit from bottom just so they can all fit inside somewhat flat.
The design would be a 5 or 7 tree forest, with a top dressing of sphagnum and moss screened for removing large debris.
i know I know it depends, but from what I know it’s spring time, thus there is finally no frost here, and the elongated growth hasn’t pushed yet. Is this an acceptable time to make a forest? I’m not going to touch them and possible do some pruning before they sit in the green house for most of the winter except 40 days of dormancy. The goal is to get good ramification through the next couple years and then go on to a rock slab.
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