Newbie: Collected plants of 2010!!!


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Northwest, FL
hello, i am new to! just got my account today actually and just though id share these trees i collected this year! hope you enjoy.....the first is a decent sized wisteria with about a twelve inch truck. this tree was collected on my dads property in late summer.....not the best time but it has knew growth so we will see. the next is an azalea i got via craigslist.....i posted an add regarding digging up unwanted plants and bam! instant stock! this azalea has a trunk of about 7-8 inches and its current height is about 1' to 1' 6". there is still alot to take off as of big branches but for now it will just sit and rest for awhile.....the third is another tree i collected from my dads property a trident maple. it is about 2' tall right now and the trunk is about 5-6 inches maybe bigger......i actually collected this tree yesterday...i know i know but i had to......i live in florida so there is still a little bit of warm weather around and i have a shed also that i can throw the trees in for shelter and to keep from frost. well there you guys go1 feel free to make any comments i am open to any ideas....thanks in advance for any information and tips.

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