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Campbell River BC Canada
Calling all newbies................
Just thought I'd see if any other newbies wanted to share their "sticks in a pot", or pictures of recently repotted/restyled trees. The idea is not for asking advise as one can start a new thread for that........ but this would be to share ideas, practices and results (good bad, ugly) that we've experienced as "newbies".
I've been repotting each night for a couple of weeks, also doing some root over rock, and working on a maple (vine forest).
As soon as I replace my stolen camera I'll post some photos.......if there is a positive response from other newbies.
Cheers Gman
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All I have are crappy phone pics, but here goes. This larch is the only tree I have, other than some species dug from my yard when i started bonsai last july. This tree was given to me in october in a state of neglect.


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Thanks for posting,
Here is a Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta, contorta) after its first styling last month. It's my first yamidori that I let grow for 3 seasons. Still not sure where to take it but I've been able to keep it alive (after a long journey home), repotted it last year and am enjoying the learning process with each step of its journey.


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some of my trees wich I recently put out in the open.


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If you all need a good laugh, here is a Lagerstroemia indica 'Dynamite' screw up.

I am not sure if the BNut has the bandwidth for all of my screw ups. ;-) I only recently began keeping diligent photo records of everything, which I regret. Here is a tree that I have made many MAJOR mistakes on. I don't have the picture of the tree as it was when I bought it. It was a lovely clump and would likely be in a pot by now as it had about a 4"+ base. My first thought was I should divide this clump and have 2 trees. Which I promptly did and created 2 bad trees.

My initial reasoning was that all over Las Vegas we have Crapes the naturally make the coolest brooms. They naturally ramify so beautifully. So I bought this bound and determined to make it a single trunk broom. With no regard to the style the tree wanted to be.

Here is the outcome of the division:


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The next year, I thought, I know I should have left it but it is to late to turn back now. So I cut off the fat branch at the bottom. The following carnage is the result:

This has been a painful lesson in not trying to force a tree to be what it is not. I believe I am going to layer off the top above the gaping hole in the trunk. We will see.


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I just thought people might like to see the fantastic color of the flowers on the above tree. (I wish I would not have screwed it up...)

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some of my trees wich I recently put out in the open.

WOW your "newbie" trees are great. Come on, don't be so humble.......:D

Seriously though your trees are WAAAAY better than mine ever were when I started out. Ummmm...actually they may be better than what I have now...:eek:
Vine Maple Forest

Here's a little project I completed this spring. I know that the trees are incorrectly "evenly spaced" but I'll worry about that with a repotting next spring.
Funny thing is that I get more compliments with this "potentsai" from non-bonsai friends, family and the general public than I get from a couple of more refined trees.
I tried to add features of a real forest but then decided that I put in something special in for the grandkids......and at the end of the path is a small wishing well/pond.
Cheers Gman


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Lonicera nitida shito in training, 3 years from spontaneous seedling:

The leaf color is probably due to the heavy frosts we had around the time when I took the picture, even tho it is the only nitida in my possession that changed color. It has since been chopped back some to get some conicity and evolve towards an informal upright trunk line. 2 eurocent coin for scale, the leaves are about 1/10th of an inch long.


I will add a more recent picture tonight (if I have time) or this weekend.
Euonymus Alatus, winged spindle, collected from my garden on the day it was lifted from the ground.

It stands 7ft tall and about as much across, it will be chopped down to a shohin size to go towards a double trunked broom roughly as in second picture.


It is currently in full leaf, quite a sight to behold.
Three hawthorns on the day they were collected


The tall one will probably be trained either as a literati or in a special meika-like style the Japanese have for hawthorns.

The one on the right will end up as a broom of sorts, the left one died.

Two cotoneaster dammeri 'coral beauty' cuttings that were used in a soil and feeding regimen experiment. They originally come from the same plant, have the same age and had the same exposition. That picture is over 3 months old, the difference is even easier to spot now.


A small Acer palmatum 'little princess' I picked up for its good broom start... first year in decent-ish soil. The picture was taken when it woke up from dormancy when the temperatures went back to 60F after a week at -13F.

newbie here, one of my sticks in pot


now it has alot more leaves :)
Update on the nitida, it got trimmed back real short a week ago and already grew back fiercely.


I am going to leave it alone maybe a couple of weeks and then pinch back to promote new potential trunk lines. Nitidas require that sort of treatment during the entire growing season to avoid becoming too lanky. One could argue that this one is already too lanky for its dimensions but it is not too important at this stage. Right now I just want maximum ramification with short internodes to get as many possible trunk lines to choose from as possible.
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