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Ptown oregon
I've had this one for 6 years - I trained it when I first got it - wired all the branches and shaped it - then it just went crazy with immature foliage (that's why I hate any chinese junipers) - and decided to never touch it again.

First picture taken 4 years ago

2nd picture front two years ago

Will post most pics later



Hi Manny,
You been a busy guy. I am concerned about this juniper. The color on it seems really yellow. At first glance I was going to write it off to bad lighting when the picture was taken. Then I noticed how green and lush the other trees in the picture are. So, I threw that assumption out the window.

Are my eyes playing tricks on me or are you having problems with this subject? One last thing, the deadwood at the bottom of the tree looks kind of like a flaccid .... errrr.... appendage. You might want to apply a little heat to it to soften the resins. You may be able to twist the wood a bit and get some movement.
It's actually really really healthy right now - the last picture was taken 2 years ago in the winter when it tends to turn yellowish. But in the spring it's full of green. The trees behind it on the last picture are shimpaku - in my yeard they tend to stay green throughout winter.

I'm probably not gonna work on it - I hate these junipers - I'm probably gonna swap it with a club member for a small untrained black pine or white pine.

Anyway here are pictures from yesterday - it's growing out of control - nothing I can do :eek:
Notice it has mature foliage now but I know the minute I start working on it, the foliage will revert to immature, prickly, blue foliage.


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