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I'm thinking of selling my JBP because of some financial issues. Would sell a collected ponderosa too but it's too big to ship safely, at least too much hassle.

Nishiki, 5" tall from base to top bud/branch (excluding needle), about/at least 2" base.

It's not show ready, so after I got it about 2 years ago I transplanted into the collander. This year I just repot, fertilize, and let it grow (yeah super long needles). No soil or compacted akadama in it now (I repotted half at first then half this spring), it's a variation of boon's mix now. Decandled last year. No wiring yet.

I would estimate it is at least 10 years old.

Two big branches at the base is to thicken the base, and one more behind. I like big butts. I was planning at least 3" base, maybe more.

Not many branches up front. There's two small ones at the side that can be wired forward more. Crap load behind haven't decided what to keep. Looks like a porcupine...

Very healthy. Second Indiana winter with me I stored it against the house outside, piled with snow. Survived just fine. First winter I lived in an apartment and just kept it in the fridge. Worked out great too.

Offer me whatever. I'll let you know if I think it's too low. If people rather I put up a price I can too.

Will ship overnight, double boxed to be safe. Of course I prefer pickup, but I'm in Indiana not California. But any midwest people are welcome to take a look.

If preferred, I can put it on ebay for safety/security/peace of mind.

Email me or PM me.

Photos at
Sorry photos were just taken, not the best. Want more let me know. Wish it was clearer how the branches are placed.

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