North Dayton Garden Center


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N Georgia
Have to go up there next month there web site says they carry some bonsai plants. Anyone here ever go there or have heard anything good or bad. Thanks
I live near there. The bonsai is mostly Ficus, Serrisa, and a couple other indoor trees. I like going out to the back hoop houses and looking for trees out there. andy
Lots of ficus and chinese elms.
Most are extremely pot bound and have had very little if any work done to them since they were imported.

They are not priced consistently with quality.
You have to dig around a lot to find a nice looking tree for a good price.

Most large ficus are $100, which is over priced for my taste.
Their website does have a 25% Off coupon most of the time, so that helps a lot.

I did get a small japanese maple with awesome nebari.

All of this info is based on me going there 2 years ago.
It's about time for me to go back :)
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