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north-central Indiana, USA
So far this year I've ordered from North Star three times: lava, fert cakes, and most recently, wire.

The first time nothing unusual occurred: my order was acknowledged, my card was charged, and in a few days I got my lava.

The second time, my order got mixed up: instead of one bag each of rapeseed cakes and 6-6-6, I got two of 6-6-6 and no rapeseed. I let Tom know. The next time a batch of rapeseed cakes was ready, he sent me a bag, told me to keep the extra 6-6-6, and didn't charge me any more.

The third time, I ordered wire. My order was acknowledged by email (as were the first two,) but several weeks went by and no wire. When I told Tom, he said that my order had been shipped, and he'd see what he could find out using the tracking number. He was able to track the package as far as St. Louis, MO, where the trail went cold. Why the USPS decided to send something from Pennsylvania to Indiana by way of St Louis -- well, I guess that's our tax dollars at work! :confused:

Re-sending had to wait a few days until a fresh batch of wire came out of the kiln. But I got it two days ago. The delay was in no way the fault of North Star, and I told Tom I saw it that way. But he told me he regretted the several extra weeks I waited, and to compensate me for that, on his own, he sent a "little" something extra. :):)

Now I just have to decide which pine or spruce should get this as its home!

Overall, I've been quite satisfied with North Star Bonsai, their products and their service. Everyone makes mistakes, individuals and businesses. But in my experience, North Star Bonsai will do everything they can to rectify a mistake and make sure their customers aren't left holding the short end of the stick.

I'm already getting my next order ready; I need some 0-10-10 fert cakes, and more wire. :)


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