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So this last weekend, I was in Northern CA for the CA State IDPA Championships. (Its pistol shooting for more info go to While I was up there, I visited 3 nurseries and one Bonsai Show. I will post some pics and a link to all the pics here.

Yabusaki's Dwight Way Nursery is in Berkley, CA. This is a regular nursery that also has a lot of nice trees. They seem to specialize in pines. Many of the trees were not priced but the ones I did see seemed to be fairly priced for retail. There was also a 20% off on all finished bonsai. There were some really nice trees in this category. There were also some starter plants. It was a little frustrating to see Lone Pine tags on these at a marked up price but it is about 1.5 hours a way.

There were also pots in a locked shed. I looked in and didn't see a whole lot, just some normal pots. But then again, I couldn't see in very well. I met the owner who was very nice and we talked for a while about pines and an area that was caged up. He had some of his trees and some trees of friends that he was nursing back to health. All guarded by a dog.

More pics: Way Nursery/


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