Oak Style Japanese Boxwood


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Indian Rocks Beach, FL
Hi, Just wanted to post a new Japanese Boxwood that I recently acquired from a local tree nursery. I went back to one of Behr's (Grampz) posts and tried to follow some of his advice from the post (and what I remember from an old chat conversation). Let me know what you think and some advice.

I am keeping my fingers crossed because the wires seem to be pulling a bit too much on the plastic; I might have to resort to some other way of holding the branches down.

Thanks in advance:)


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Looks to be a nice start. The branches can be pulled down but must be done slowly. The bark is thin and easily damaged. You may want to loosen the guy wires a bit for now. Then about every two weeks or so bring it down another 1/8 inch.

The lowest left branch looks to be too low (close to the soil) but there is not another branch on the left side to balance to tree. Maybe there is a better front? I have two small Kingsvilles I've been working on in this Oak tree form and have been able to lower branches with this method.

How big is this tree?
Please keep us posted with your progress.

Mr. O,

I think you have a very suitable piece of material here for the "Live Oak form", and should develop into a very nice tree...A word of advice...I use a piece of 1/4 inch cork [available at most hobby stores] between the plastic tubing and the bark...This helps to prevent a swelling above the tubing contact point...

I assume you are referring to this post Grampz's Japanese Boxwood Clump Creation...I would suggest with the branching you already have in place on this material, that you go ahead and use the wiring technique to achieve some 'side to side' and 'up and down' movement on your tree...

I look forward to seeing the development of this one...


:) :) :)
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