Of mudmen and accent rocks: thoughts?

My opinion!
Bonsai: Tree (perfect) in pot (perfect). Admire, but don’t touch. Japanese
Penjing: 3-D scene on tray, invites you to imagine/explore. Plants, rocks, mudmen, bridges, etc in scale to complete scene. Not perfect. Chinese, preceding bonsai.
why is the mudman sitting in the “water“ off the island? The figurine should be part of the story - this one doesn’t quite make sense. A small boat, on the other hand, could add to the design.
LOL Your absolutely right.
Thats not actually water, its actually depicts a rocky black lava beach at the base of the volcanic mountain. The tree is a collected Shore Pine. Pinus Contorta Contorta.
And the addition of the mud man after removing the fishing rod from his hand was done as joke for the post. At the time there were several posts arguing the use of any type of figurines.
I suppose the boat would look ok dragged up on the beach.
But then someone else may notice it another year from now and question if it is appropriate.:eek:
I prefer it without any additional figurines. As posted later in the thread.
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