Oriental art of Cloud flying


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Singing Pines Tyneside-England
I rarely see a mention of your yard trees grown in cloud formations,why could this be?

Even rarer are cloud tree masters,is it not sexy enough to attract international pupils to the Pacific highlands and islands.

I suspect this pastime generates less devotees as the results simply are too big for shows and sales benches.

I for one would like to know more,especially containerised cloud trees that can travel if necessary.

I thought to add a bit more,say you have an old apple and you want to not only rejuvinate but also bring into a pleasing shape.
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Ok guess I expected to have a carpet discussion, but interesting topic though.:D

Just yesterday my wife was describing a yard she went by that had all the landscaping "bonsaied", she said it was pretty impressive, but couldn't remember where it was:(, no commet.

We do see some topiary from time to time, but most I see are planted in the ground, don't see much potted, typically that would be on the line of ornamentals, flowers, grasses etc. Unless you are in a hobbiest yard, most don't know much about bonsai, or topiary for that matter. I do get every so often, "can you bonsai the trees in the ground"?
I do get every so often, "can you bonsai the trees in the ground"?
I love that question..
My parents'old neighbors in N.J. were extremely proud of the "bonsai tree" they had planted in their front yard. They said the nursery charged them extra because it was a "bonsai" pine...:D:rolleyes:
I was looking and found Niwaki tripod ladders,maybe it's simply a question of initial outlay on a set of professional steps that is the root of the problem.

It could also be the Lord Snooty and his topiary that put the kybosh on Westward advancement of dramatic garden trees and bushes

Though perhaps it's simply because no books have been published over a period of time.

Even the giant vegetable growers have at least one reference work.
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You mean there are instructions to grow the Great Pumpkin. You are correct if you google topiary design, you get some sites to check, but not much in the way of books to check on. Guess Poodles are a bit pass'e
Indeed there are,developments include innoculation of roots and ground touching nodes with friendly fungus.
The book i bought several years ago on the subject reckons the 1000lb target was in sight,it has been very much surpassed since the time of publishing.

I still want one of those ladders,it's a bit difficult to justify.
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