Owen Reich Demo at Midwest Bonsai Society Meeting


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Arlington Heights, IL
Owen Reich gave a presentation on deciduous trees last night at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. He also styled a Korean Hornbeam that was raffled off at the end of the meeting.

It was a very informative presentation with a number of good questions asked and answered. He was very willing to discuss his methods and they reasons behind doing things the way he did.

Got a chance to speak to him prior to the meeting, not knowing who he was, and he is very down to earth. The type of person you would enjoy having a beer with and talking Bonsai all day.

I got before pictures of the tree, but no after pictures as the winner of the raffle left right after winning.

He felt the tree was in good condition and just needed some refinement and the middle of the tree was a little weak compared to the rest of the tree. The work he did was to get rid of any branches growing up, and thinning the canopy to get more light and air to the middle of the tree. He also wired the middle and some of the upper branches to get more light to the middle branches and said the open areas in the middle should fill in with back budding.

He said he did not work the tree that hard as it was not the best time to work deciduous trees heavily. That is in winter when the leaves are off the tree and you can better see the branch structure.

Owen, thank you for a great presentation.


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