Pemphis Acidula/Sentiggi help


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Hi all,am a new member to the site & looking for guidance.
I live in Bali at the moment & its difficult to find good advice.
I have had a Sentiggi bonsai ( only just found the botanical name) for approx 1 year,growing on a volcanic rock with the roots covered with moss but in that time has been very slow to advance.
Location is daily sun with a little shade from other shrubs,watering approx every 3 days according to the weather,never to the point of completely dry & also never very wet.
I was recently advised to fertilize with a general NPK solution but i only used half strength,2 or 3 days afterwards the leaves started to lose the color,turning an olive green/grey/brown shade,followed several days later by leaf drop.
After finding the botanical name i found some info which recommends spraying foliage daily with seawater so my questions the tree dead? Can it be resurrected by this tecnique & can a solution of sea salt & water suffice until seawater is obtained?
The tree has not been moved or suffered severe weather changes ( constant high humidity in Bali ) with no visible pests.
Thanks for any help.
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