Pinus Densiflora 'Alice Verkade'


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Bristol, UK
So today I saw a Pinus Densiflora 'Alice Verkade' in a garden centre I was visiting. I was speaking to the guy who owned the garden centre about trees when he told me he had a red pine for sale right at the back and if I was interested I should take a look. I jumped at the chance and went straight to the back of the tree section. This tree stood out and I could see it as I approached. It had about a 3 inch trunk if not bigger and the needles looked fairly long compared to some red pines I'd seen in the past. The label read Pinus Densiflora 'Alice Verkade', I knew that Pinus Densiflora was a japanese red pine but I wasn't sure on the cultivar. The best thing about this tree was the price. Only £39.99 and I'm pretty sure I could haggle it down a little too.
I couldn't take it today as I was out with a friend and we had 5 dogs between us and to put it in the back of the van with them would likely have resulted in it being used as a chew toy on the journey home. Now I'm home I've looked up the cultivar and I'm a little worried that it won't be suitable because of the long needles. Does anyone have any experience with this cultivar or could maybe point me at someone who has? I'll be passing by the garden centre again tomorrow so I'm debating whether or not to go in and pick it up.


Imperial Masterpiece
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Anacortes, WA (AHS heat zone 1)
Needle length is not a worry because JRP needles can be reduced just like JBP by simply treating them as you would a JBP - cut the spring candles off sometime in June (earlier the cooler your summer).
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