Planting Yew in ground?


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Mooresville, NC - USA
Hello to everyone. I have a yew that im digging up from a landscape. I was told it has only been in the ground for 2 years. The house is being torn down and all new being planted. Anyway, i want to put it back into the ground to get larger. Should i get rid of some of the unwanted branches that might cause trouble later, like multiple branches coming out from one area? Or, should i just put it in like it is? Here is a pic of it. I put it in a container and topped off with some calcined clay.


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I think you can put it back in the ground, as long as the roots weren't disturbed too much when it was lifted, and as long as you don't cut them back any now. Be sure to mulch it well this winter. The root system will have recovered, but not completely.

I would go ahead and take off any branches that might cause future problems, like multiple branches from one point. Beyond that, I'd leave it as much foliage as possible, to feed its recovery.

Best wishes with this tree!
Thanks alot Treebeard. I thought it would be ok, but wanted some input to see what was best. Ive always wanted a yew, so was happy to take it out for them. We have been taking alot of older houses down, and have access to lots of plants, and trees. I have collected 6 azaleas this year, 5 large barberries, junipers, camelias, and alot of others. I figure ill give them a chance to see if it pays off. At least ill learn alot about collecting. Thanks again for the help.
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