[Podocarpus yamma] Hoping for some thoughts/input on my next step(s) with this unsightly "clump" Podocarpus stock I have here!


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FL (Tampa area / Gulf-Coast)
So I sought this specie for many years - it's crazy-popular here but nobody who owns one is looking to get-rid of it so never got a chance at a yamadori til I literally caught a curbside one that luckily survived (thread here on that guy:

I know most here think "It's just been 3.5mo since you chopped&potted that thing, let it go 12mo without looking at it" but I'm in FL, my husbandry game is pretty darn on-point if I do say so myself and, while it doesn't work with Junipers or other 'less than robust bonsai', with most broadleaf evergreens I can get away with far more here in semi-tropical FL than the rest of the country, so let's leave aside the "1yr no-touch" stuff, have never / will never leave a specimen untouched for 1yr there's far too much growth that sets in the wrong ways IMO :/

So I'm here to ask 2 prime things Re my "first&only 2021 intervention" on this guy, he was collected / he 'rebounded' and now he's going on a couple months of lush growth....Obviously this growth is primarily in the UPPER parts of the trunking which will never ever be part of my "final composure" of this tree, I simply didn't cut-back to the lowest nodes on the trunks @collection time because of risk of die-back...

So #1 is "How do you suggest doing trunk-chops on Podo's?", because I saw almost no die-back the first time so my instinct is to be pretty aggressive (ie do my "final trunk chops" now to a level where I won't need to touch them up later, will be leaving some open tissue right-at the heartwood above the highest leaders, of course, but will tape/seal the tops to be safe ;) )

And #2 is "How to push-growth in Podo's?" because I know they have the vigor for it, but to see the vitality/robust-growth I want I know I have to change something....I have it in a regular container now and the surface-rootage of this specie is impressive, I will be transferring/slip-potting it into a grow-bag while doing this intervention (will not be root-pruning, just a slip-pot, I have never killed a tree this way so not worried w/ this Podo!)

Thanks a ton for any advice, **especially** on pushing growth -- is it "more sun = better", is it more nitro is better, IE do they respond more like bougies & ficus, or more like crape myrtles or red maples? Really want him on the "hyper growth" plan because I can get an easy 1/3rd extra growth per year this way!!

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