Ponderosa pine collected from alkaline soil


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Hot Springs, South Dakota
I need advice from someone who has successfully collected a Ponderosa pine from alkaline soil. In my case, specifically, it would be from shale clay with virtually no humus content. I have left the tree where it is until I am confident that it can be maintained in pot culture.

Basically, I need a successful soil mix and care instructions, from someone who has actually done this.
Hi Ken.

Have you explored the roots at all yet? You want to make sure that you can get enough feeder roots. You also want to make sure that when you lift the tree that you don't loose the ball of native soil, this will take all the fine feeders and more times than not the tree will not make it. If by "shale Clay" you mean clay that is flakey and yet hard then I think I understand.

As for after care soil......if you can get it into 100% pumice you will give the tree the best shot at survival and also the best chance to explode with storing feeders. Then after a year or 2 the shale clay will be moist enough that you can rip into it with much less worries.

I hope this helps you...

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