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Puyallup WA USA (zone 8)
before this thread get lost way at the bottom, and since I just found a list of pottery supply stores I will post them here.

Bailey Pottery
Located in Kingston, NY. Offers pottery and ceramic equipment and tools, including wheels and kilns, and a full line of pottery and ceramic supplies.

Bracker's Good Earth Clays, Inc
Based in Lawrence, KS. Offers full range of pottery and ceramic equipment, tools, and supplies. Also offers workshops and books.

Based in Oakville, Ontario, they mainly offer a line of kilns and kiln supplies, but also does have a selection of tools, including dental tools, detail tools, slab rollers, and more.

Del Val Potter's Supply Company
Based near Philadelphia, PA this company offers a full line of pottery and ceramic supplies, equipment, and tools.

Ceramic Supply Chicago
Based in Evanston, IL, they offer a full line of pottery and ceramic supplies, tools, and equipment.

Axner Pottery Supply
Located in Ovieda, FL. Offers a full line of pottery and ceramic supplies, tools, equipment. Also has books and videos.
Located in Sparks, NV, this company has a full line of supplies, tools, and equipment, plus books, videos. They also have a number of helpful online articles and programs, such as a kiln timesharing listing which includes potters from the US, Canada and India.

Trinity Ceramic Supply
Located in Dallas, TX. Offers supplies, tools, and some equipment.

Great Lakes Clay & Supply Company
Based in Carpentersville, IL. Offers tools, supplies, equipment, books and videos.

Flat Rock Clay Supplies
Located in Fayetteville, AR. This company offers pottery and ceramic supplies, tools, equipment, books, classes, and workshops.

Clayworks Supplies
Located in Baltimore, MD and delivers to Maryland, Delaware, northern Virginia, southern Pennsylvania and Washington, DC. Offers pottery and ceramic supplies, tools, equipment and books.
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