Potentillas - A Very Few Flowers

These are quite nice. How old and how tall are these? Also, how do you go about pruning, wiring and generally shaping these trees? Btw, I think you've made good choices on the pots for each of these.
Thanks for sharing your pontentillsa.
Thanks for the info. They are quite attractive in bloom now and seem to naturally have small leaves or repond well to leaf reduction. Looking at your second post of the first tree I can't help but wonder if you have ever tried scrubing the bark on these like you'd do a juni. The bark is quite nice as is but if you've four of them why not experiment on one to see what a little bark scrubbing would result in? $15 for a 10 year bonsai ins't bad but considering the time/cost of care investment, I think you made a good decision to ground plant in a few years.
I thinking of doing a little more research and looking a getting some stock, maybe next year. Do you think they grow fast?, slow?
Thanks again,
Very cool,it reminds me of the one i killed last summer by doing a little to much,i did not think this was possible since they are so hardy, cant wait to try another,they are not easy to find around my way,good work.
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