Procumbens nana question


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The tips of some of the newer growth on my juniper are swollen and brownish (no picture yet but I will take one if needed). It's just the tip, maybe 1/8", and it's swollen to about twice the width of the needles/growth. Is this normal? Is it the buds getting ready for winter?

Just a thought but could it be producing seeds?
Sounds like it is just the plant flowering, not very showy are they?
BonsaiSteve, I had a shipaku that did this. I posted the pics here on B-nut and will try to find the link.

Dave V.
Look at the pics on "Old Shimpaku" on May 18, 2009 and see if these photos look like what you are describing.

I don't know how to add the link to this message otherwise I would have.

Dave V.
They are not very "showy" no, they are really just small swollen brown tips at the end of a lot of the growth. I will post pictures.
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