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Seattle, WA
Quality pots *(embedded images)*

I will keep posting new pots to this thread and replacing the photos instead of starting new threads. There will be high quality handmade American, European, and Japanese bonsai pots for sale. I am a collector and am always buying new goodies, and selling other pots to pay for them! ;)
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Both have good reputations, from what I have seen.

How do you tell the front from the back of a pot??;)
How do you tell the front from the back of a pot??;)

Thanks Bill.
Well, it's subjective certainly.:) I remember in workshops with Michael Hagedorn he would often flip pots back and forth and quickly select a front. Especially with handmade pieces there might be a little imperfection that reflects a detail in the tree or something. Interesting subject!
Was being a bit silliy on that, I had in mind that there are several ways to think about that, and it had hit me that the imperfection would be the back, but then, not always eh?? I agree, spin it check it find the right front, just like you did with the tree.
A deep lotus for all you Max Braverman fans out there.


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Bonsai Basho

You can trade your pots for free on bonsaibasho worldwide in $,€,£
Feel free to use the site there are no fees its a free site.
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