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John Hill

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John, I have seen the Fig in your photo or at least one similar, and to be truthful that was the original concept for my Fig. I am wondering though if the Qld small leaf has different growth habits to the phillipinense?
This I would not know Jon but I did a search on phillipinense and it was all orchids. Did a search on ficus phillipinense and only a couple things came up one was the website I mentioned and one for BT. Now this makes me think that the ficus phillipinense is not the actual name for this plant? The leaves on the one mentioned look small also. So maybe it is the same plant just from the Phillipines?
So Jon I am at a loss,, Maybe someone with experience with this species will chime in.
So to make a long story very short Jon I would say that they probably do have the same growth habits.
Just a guess on my part.

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