Radiata/Monterey Pine


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I am a young bonsai enthusiast from South Africa, currently in my 3rd year of bonsai. I recently came across a Pinus Radiata growing in the field. It has beautiful bark! I don't have any experience with pine as there are surprisingly few available locally (and in South Africa as a whole). They are not popular here at all!

Recently I have dug a few Wild olive's as they are quite abundant in the area. Can anyone provide me with some guidance regarding the Radiata? I know they are not popular and the long needles will not make for the best display but due to a lack of other pine I thought I'd still give it a shot!

I am aware that conifer cuttings are made in Autumn as they have aggressive root growth in this period. Would it then make sense to dig the tree in Autumn as well, or should I wait for early spring such as with the olives? I have read up extensively regarding various pine species (Black, White, Mugo, Scots). Any advise regarding the Radiata will be much appreciated!

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