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Charlotte area, North Carolina
This is a really interesting presentation for a Spring accent planting (for sale at Bonsai Hokaen for about $40). This is a much stronger display that I would normally consider for an accent plant - people might spend more time admiring your plant than your tree! When I think of Spring displays, I almost always think of maples, azaleas, or early flowering trees like cherries.



What is that, asparagus? I don't believe that I have ever seen any potted before. The "pot" is also very unusual, at least to me.

The "pot" is a split piece of bamboo. The asparagus looking sprouts are actually mountain grass - I think they only look like that for a few days before they open up (though I am not a mountain grass expert).

The thing that I find most intriguing about the display are the legs at one end. Almost makes it look like a farmer's trough that collapsed and got filled in with moss and grasses (though that is a literal intrepretation instead of the more figurative spring mountain pasture). I love stuff like this that makes me rethink a whole category of displays.
Brilliant! I had to stare for a while. The moss is nice, the mountain grass is cool but the split bamboo with side branch legs is the best!

I'll be digging around my bamboo tomorrow afternoon to see if I have anything with cool branching.

Thanks for posting this - I love it.
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