Red A. Palm drastic pruning.


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florida panhandle
I have a non-grafted red variety (not sure specifically, but it is nothing rare or dissected) that I want to do some work on. It is in the ground, and I am planning to root prune next spring. I have read over at bonsai4me that a good time to do drastic pruning is mid-summer because sap flow is slowed, and it can also start healing.
Does anybody here carry out this sort of thing in mid-summer with good results? It has plenty of low branching, and I am thinking of taking out the top so the bottom can gain strength and taper.
The best time to do heavy or hard pruning is in early spring. This is common practice for maples. Sap flow is not an issue.

Hard pruning, done this late can promote new growth that is vulnerable to frost and freezing come fall.
I kinda figured, since I was in florida that the new growth would be pretty safe. Since this is a red-leafed variety though, and I understand that they are not as hardy as greens, I didn't want to do both drastic pruning and root work at the same time.
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