Red Maple Cuttings in progress

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I'm guessing the donor was a red maple. i took these cuttings on june 8th, 2018. dipped in dip n grow for five minutes and then under a dome. i took the dome off when they went all the way green after around a month. around the first week of july i started seeing this discoloration on the stems. i had aready started feeding them at the end of june. theyve also gotten Recharge. i sprayed them with Deconil and it seemed to work in clearing up the stem discoloration. i just checked the roots and rewired for movement.










There's a website where people can upload pictures of nature species in their area. It could be used as a way to easily locate specimen Acer rubrum in your general area. My area has a few dozen uploads, many in public parks that I might visit come springtime.

I typically search by county then go to plants > Acer rubrum > observations

Here are some pictures from that website for my area. The first specimen has forked leaves that are larger but have a nice shingling effect. The second picture is a more rounded leaf, I've found that the smaller leafed specimen typically have leaves similar to this in shape.

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this shoot looked like it was thickening the trunk funny, so i cut it back to slow it down about three weeks ago.

cool. you wire in spring/summer? then again AL maybe doesnt have season change as drastic as where i live

those look sweet. i just got into wiring and wondering if its okay doing it going into dormancy...or not bendy with sap flow slowage
Season change is definitely not that drastic here. It's perfect 👌😊
In spring I was wiring new shoots, or making major bends that if I cracked it, I wouldn't worry too much because it's during the growing season. You have to watch the wire hard on maples.
In the fall as the leaves are dropping I figured is a good time to wire some and prune any problem shoots. You can just remove any leaves that are left in the way.
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Funny timing to be seeing this thread. I noticed a lot of the acer rubrum cultivars are (male?) seedless. I was thinking about taking some cutting from the street trees with the best color. If I'm not mistaken a lot of the most common cultivars near me are actually hybrid freemans maples, I've heard anecdotally that freemans will have smaller leaves. Who knows but I'm a little more excited to try now
Im pretty sure the donor for these cuttings has seed pods.
It looks like these leaves will reduce to match the ramification of the tree. With a large tree they'll probably look really small.
the petioles are falling off and i can see formerly dormant buds pushing out. the sacrifices haven't slowed, so far so good. hopefully the sacrifices will keep thickening the trunk while keeping these low shoots small for taper. the little ones near the 'v' will be the first main branches. I'll put some movement in them at leaf drop when growth slows so i don't have to worry about the wire cutting in so fast.

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