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Hi "Nuts!

This thread is an open request for information for use in a revision of the Evergreen Azalea resource that we posted about a month ago. We're working on taking this to the next level of detail, especially in the area of horticulture and techniques and would like your help. (I will be asking other questions over time if @Bonsai Nut doesn't run me outta town! Sadly a poll won't work in this case.)

I'm looking for recent information on Evergreen azalea media (not deciduous), azalea types and the time of you have used this media. The information will be used for input in an upcoming revision under the draft heading "Azalea media/soil types in use in different locations".

Previous I collected information from a 2018 thread and other sources on what type of "soil" or media folks used in their azalea bonsai's and generally where they were located, but found this data somewhat sketchy.

This time I'd like to revisit this question again, a bit more detail. So I'd like you all to please help contribute to this revision by answering the following questions.

Azalea media survey:

A. Type(s) of azalea bonsai you have.
Tell all types. (ex: 2 Satsuki, 1 Kurume etc) Put unknown if you don't know. Or name a cultivar and we can identify.

B. Type of media you are using. If more then one, please also tell the type azalea its being used with. (ex: 80/20% Kanuma/Chopped Spaghnum Satsuki and 100% Turface Kurume)

C. How long have you been using this media. (ex: about 1.5 years for Kanuma 4 years for Surface)

D. Any helpful information about media use you'd like to add. (ex: Used to use ____?____ in our area and _____ wasn't as good as what I'm presently using.) Leave blank for no input.

That's all, there is no need to comment, or discuss anything, but please feel free to ask me for clarification.

Gratefully thanking everyone in advance.

DSD sends

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