Root Over Rock Chinese Elm

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Hello Everybody

I bought this tree for $50 USD about 9 months ago. I immediately re-potted it upright, watered, fertilised and general care was given

A couple weeks ago I defoliated, split a branch and created a new apex. Its leaves grew back really well and they are still hardening off. The tree has had no real styling for a couple years and hence the old lopsided umbrella shape.

I have not had time to put much thought towards its future. I'm fairly certain that the canopy needs to greatly reduced to make it more balanced to the size of trunk. I want to keep it small, I like the size of trunk and height.

What do you guys think?


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No offense but I think I like the angled orientation better. The trunk is straight and lacks taper the angle provided some interest.

It also looks like there are two large branches that everything comes off of. If you want branches in proportion to the trunk you will need to cut these back at some point in the future. You have done a lot this year it might be best to let it grow wild for a bit to put on more girth then cut back to regrow the branches. At least that is what I would do.
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Good Advice mate. Those 2 large branches are the bane of my existence!!! Lol Thanks for the input

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