Rosade's Bonsai Glossary (International Bonsai)


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Arcadia, CA
A few years ago Frank, the cork Jade guy, gave me a lot of his old bonsai magazines. I've read through several of em but forgotten about them the past 2 years as I've gotten more busy. I've actually been trying to learn Japanese the past few months and have been studying and practicing like crazy. I'm visiting Japan next week actually and I'll be winging it solo my first time there. It's hard for me to look up and learn bonsai related terms let alone how to write them though. So when I was flipping through the no4, 1982 of International Bonsai I was ecstatic to find a vocabulary list of bonsai terms, Kanji included. Unfortunately it's part 11 and this is the oldest magazine I have.

I was wondering if those with old IB magazines could help me in getting pictures of parts 1-10 :D. It would be greatly appreciated.

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