Royal Poinciana (delonix regia)


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Washougal, WA
I love these trees and I've got several of them, but haven't had the best luck in developing them for bonsai. I've found a few ok bonsais online, and one that was really amazing, if its not a fake photo. I've attached the pic. Anyhow, anyone else had much success with this species or know if this is a real tree? If it is indeed there's no way I'm giving up on developing mine!


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I have tried to grow this tree in Southern California. It doesn't do well here. Still too cold. I still have one big one left after about 15 years, about 3 inch trunk and 5 feet tall, but it would die back a little every winter. It is impossible to bonsai. The leaves are too big and can not be reduced. Unless you want an imperial size bonsai. But I would not bother with this tree unless you are in a truly tropical climate with no chance of freeze.

By the way, that picture is fake. The leaves are about a foot long and compound. The flowers are really big too, 4-5 inches across. I love this tree, since it is almost the national flower of South Vietnam. They used to grow these trees along the streets there. It is spectacular when in bloom. They are fantastic in Hawaii too. Maybe you should try it. You never know, you might be the first to successfully bonsai this beauty.
Good luck to you.
I have a couple of old collected ones. trunks about 5-6 inches at soil, height approx 30 inches, each. waiting on flowers.

best wishes, sam
I love this tree. When I visited Florida few summer back, I saw a lot of those trees on the streets. It brought my memory back! By the way Si, this tree has been growing very well in Hai Phong City (North Vietnam). Because of that, Hai Phong City has a nickname as "Thanh Pho Hoa Phuong Do" translated to English as " Royal Poinciana City" .
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