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Western Pennsylvania
Hello all,

I'm new to bonsai. I have a Satsuki Azalea that I picked up about about a month and a half ago in full bloom. It seems like it's dropping a lot of leaves as of late and I'm looking for some advice to bring it back to life and ensure I'm taking care of it appropriately.

I generally tend to water every day, occasionally of the soil still seems very wet I will skip a day. I have a humidity tray underneath that I drain everytime I water, about 10-15 mins after. I have been occasionally spraying the leaves with a mister, maybe once a week.

I do notice there are some white spots on some of the leaves and some of the leaves are turning brown. My concern is there are a lot of leaves falling off now. I did read somewhere that these plants like slightly acidic soil, I do know that I have hard water in my home.

Any advice would be greatly appreciate as I am very new to taking care of bonsai's and plants in general. Please see the attached photos for reference.

Thank you,

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Leo in N E Illinois

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If you can grow the azalea outdoors, that would be best. But if indoors is your only option, my first suggestion would be to add a fan to the growing area. An inexpensive, $20 fan, about 7 or 9 inches diameter, blowing air in the general direction of your plants is what you want. You want enough air movement that thin grassy leaves will be moving gently, constantly. I keep my fans on 24/7/365. The air movement keeps fungi, pests and disease down. It facilitates air penetration of the potting mix. You get better roots with air movement. Air movement will keep the leaves cool while in direct sunlight. Adding a fan will improve the health of all your houseplants in the area the fan is affecting.

Try that. Spots and other problems will likely go away.

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Welcome aboard!

So sorry you are having issues with your Satsuki

The Satsuki leaves look like they’ve been overwatered. The brown ends on the leaf tops can mean over/under watered or fertilizer overage. Since you didn’t mention fertilizer I’ll go to the watering side.

The shiny bright green of the leaves indicate the plant has not been underwatered. They would be lusterless and somewhat limp.

Watering an azalea most every day as a house plant seems a real lot. btw…This guy really needs to be outside with its friends.

In any event, in addition to
@Leo in N E Illinois idea you might:

A. Ensure the Satsuki is mostly dry before watering, then water, but do not get it soaking wet. Azaleas like to be moist, not wet.

B. Remove all the dead leaves from the tree and surface of the soil. The issue is that overwatering can cause root rot and fungus on the dropped leaves can spread in the soil by contract and when you water.

C. Misting is ok to do in between watering, especially if it is hot.

D. Finally, Please double click your icon and enter your approximate location. That way we can help you better and possibly someone is in your area that could help you with area specific advice.

DSD sends

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