Save 20% off rare orchids from Japan


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Seattle, WA
I am entering the second year of my small home nursery business which specializes in rare and unusual Japanese plants that make excellent kusamono and companion plants for bonsai. Continuing my interest in terrestrial orchids I am offering 4 new plants, the Japanese Urn Orchid, Plover Orchid, Crested Ibis Orchid, and my new personal favorite the Grass leaf Orchid.

These new plants, as well as the Egret and Spiral orchids, are all currently on sale from my website, Kusamono Gardens. This pre-order sale only lasts until the end of November. Please check the out. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me through the forum or my webpage.

And please sign up for to the newsletter as I will be having another sale before spring shipping on an incredible selection of kusamono pots from Vicki Chamberlain.

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