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Hey can anyone either point me to a good care sheet for these or just whip one out real quick? As we all know the BCI sheet is great but confusing because it calls them "Sargent's Juniper". Now we have discussed the reasons for this and I am settled on it but I have had customers on my eBay listings that have been confused.

I am no expert and I really want to give people accurate, dependable information so that they get a good start. Any help out there? Please???
Thanks Chappy, I was really hoping to get one that did not refer to Sargent's juniper. This just creates so much confusion.

This would be super cool.
Why not write one yourself based on the available info and not include the Sargentii references. Most of the juniper care sheets on BCI seem to say mostly the same thing anyway. They really only change the name of the Juniper. If you plan to supply the sheet with your Shimpaku whips then this should be sufficient I would think.
Clyde, could you download one or both of Chappy's suggestions, then use your word processor to go thru and replace every reference to "Sargent's Juniper" with "shimpaku?" It should be possible to do it with a few mouse clicks, tho you'd probably have to repeat for plural and possessive.

I agree, common names can be confusing. One of my pet peeves! :mad:
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