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Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone had some tips on how to increase the foliage color on shimpakus. I have 5 shimpakus and they are a lifeless green. I am guessing you all will tell me fertilizer of some sort, but what type, since I already feed all my trees with an organic rape seed cake bonsai fertilizer. I am really looking for something that will make my shimpaku a vibrant green. Thanks for your help.

I remember reading somewhere that orgainc fertilizer tends not to give much early season results due to the cold. Liquid fertilizer was recommended for early season fertilization because it is more easily utilized by the plant in cold weather. Of course, you need to be sure that you do not push too much growth too early. I have not fertilized yet this year in the Charlotte NC region, and I would suspect that we are a little ahead of St. Louis warmth-wise. I use miracle-gro for everything. If you fertilized well last year, you may just need to wait for new growth to emerge.

Post a picture of one of them, it will help all to see what the trees look like and offer better advice.

Finally, I might check for spider mites, they tend to wash out the color on shimpaku, which they seem to like more than any other juniper in my yard. I have problems with them here even in winter, they never really go dormant, and can even multiply during our winters.

Here is a pic, thanks for your reply.
That tree makes me want to ride my HARLEY...

I would put it in a grow pot or the ground and fertilize the hell out of it and let it grow.

Hello mahler365

Actually, the coloring on your juniper is fine. It looks right where it should be for this time of year. it actually has nice coloring. On another note...The previously mentioned idea of putting this in a grow pot or the ground is the best idea for this tree. Since it looks like a young may want to try to get some bend into the trunk. If this is possible, it will really make a difference in the look of the tree.

Also, just wanted to let you know that it will be about 5 more years, minimum before this tree really becomes more developed. You will need to let each pad grow out and then fine wire all the small branches within each pad..Right now, the tree is in what would be considered it's final bonsai pot. Since the tree has many years of growing and developing ahead of it, it will be extremely slow going since the pot is so small.

I hope some of this was helpful.

I agree that the foliage on this tree looks right but to answer your question on a supplement for weak foliage epsom salts have the magnesium that will help promote good chlorophyll production and enhance color. They seem to also bring out the blue in varieties that contain it and helps strengthen flowers.
Looks good to me, just fertilize the heck out of it. Nothing wrong with that color, it beats brown all to hell.

Hands down the answer for greener foliage is KELP... Liquid Kelp spray.. Try it. For Pines too.;)
You would have to establish why the foliage is not the right color first. Fertilizer will not help with Chlorosis. In that case you would need a mix of ironite and epsom salt. Sometimes a foliar feed of the iron will change the color very quickly.

BTW---you tree looks fine to me!!!
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