Shohin Satsuki Azalea 'Korin'


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Got this from Bob Mahler two years ago. I've chosen a new front to better show of the rootage. It is in full bloom now and looking great. I will order a new pot for it soon and will probably stick with a soft rectangle to show off the powerful trunk. I'm thinking a green glaze over a tan clay.


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Beautiful tree! Bob Mahler probably has the best quality shohin I've seen and his prices are reasonable for the quality. He doesn't have a lot posted on his website yet, but he is not too far from where I live and I was thinking of taking a trip up his way some time this year.

Best of luck with it and keep us posted on the progress!
Yes, a very nice azalea.

And yes, Bob Mahler does provide quality products. I have worked with the gentleman and would recommend him to anyone.

I think your described pot selection would work well. However, I would recommend that you stick to a copper green glaze rather than a chrome green glaze.

WOW what potential. It's going to be really beautiful. Keep us updated!
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