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Was cold today, first real bite of fall. Of course this put me on alert as I felt the urgency to prepare for winter. So I started walking the fields taking stock of the material in the ground and trying to reassure myself that I was prepared in the field and all I had to do was concentrate on potted material.

As I strolled up and down the rows of quince that I have in the ground I came across this one sole quince that had thrown two flowers this late in October. As cold an miserable as it was outside I couldn't help but smile at this one simple pleasure.

So what about it whats your simple pleasure?


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Last night I moved all my tropicals into my basement, set them all up on the benches, changed all the bulbs, and organized the area. On my way out of the growing room I turned and looked back at all the green in the space that has been barren for the last 5 months or so and had a "simple pleasure" moment, what a nice feeling, seeing the living trees in their winter home.....

We don't get much fall color here in the central valley of California. This year seems to have a little more fall in the air than usuall so we may get an orange leaf on the maple this year. Since I have started to keep a few pyracantha's, I do get to enjoy the turning of the berries from green to red. This comes wth a sacrifice in that I can't keep the branches pruned as well as I would like, but the experience is well worth the patience.



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For me it still amazes me how flowers bloom here in Florida in the fall and winter. Here are a couple of plants I’ve got growing outside coming into bloom. I go outside in the morning with my cup of coffee and just enjoy the scene.

Jo Ann


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A few days ago I was pleasantly surprised to discover that one of my Jade plants is going to flower. I have never had one flower before and have never even seen one in flower except in pictures.

Yesterday on my way out to see what the crop was in need of my daughter of 2 1/2 say's to me as she pats the floors next to her " sit here dada", read pooh book. After that the afternoon chores with the trees, was just maahvelous.
My Chalk Maple with new set of leaves.
I love the color of these.
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Collecting with the little woman and one of our dogs on Saturday!

Then just lastnight I got to feel our unborn little girl kicking for the first time..... That was a trip!!! Very cool!!

Thanks for starting this Tom, in todays world we seem to overlook the simple pleasures in life....

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