Site Maintenance Errata

I'll be doing some site maintenance over the next 24 hours. I will have to turn off the site every now and then for a few minutes, but don't expect any extended downtime.

Additionally, this weekend and next, our server host will be upgrading some hardware. Work will be done in the late night / early morning hours, but it may impact our international friends. The site will not be down, but you may experience moments of increased lag / latency.


When I turn off the site, you won't see any error messages or technical gobbledy gook (spelling?) All you will see is the site with a message that states "the site is currently turned off, please check back shortly" or something similar.

When I am updating the software, strange things can happen if people are making calls to the database. So I close the database, update the software, then turn everything back on all together :) Normally I don't turn off the site until everything is ready to refresh, so usually it is just a couple of minutes.
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