Some more shohin for gaping pleasure...

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Charlotte area, North Carolina
As an interesting add-on to our discussion about owners of trees versus designers/growers of trees, these shohin are being maintained at Kk.Oshima ( who charges $100 per year to "maintain" them (continuing to develop the tree). They are part of a program that (if I understand Japanese properly) you can contact the owner of the trees through the site if you wish to buy the tree. The black pine in image 7 is listed as being worth approx. $4,000 - $5,000 according to the site. I think they are some great trees...



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Any chance the last one there is a tanuki loooky?
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Ottawa, KS
Wow how did I miss this post earlier? Opening it in babelfish gives a rough approximation of what is written. Each of the photos leads to 4 or more shots of the trees. Fantastic!


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NW Oregon
I can't see the last 2 images....but allt he rest are out of this world killer!! That needle juniper is amazing....same with that 4th pine....hell, they are all amazing!

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