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Brian Underwood

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Santa Rosa, CA
Once or twice a week I search through eBay and pick out scrolls I like and "watch" them. On rare occasion I actually buy one, but haven't in a while. Here are a few that ended within the last week or two...


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I REALLY wish I bought the first one. It reminds me of the rocks out on the Sonoma coast. The second one would make a great summer dusk scene displayed with a big Oak and an accent of dried grasses.
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That scroll with the bat and crescent moon is killer. That looks to have been over $263.00. I wonder what it went for?
$46... Yeah, I'm kinda kicking myself for not bidding lately. The only reason I didn't bid on the bat scroll is the upper half of the mounting seemed unfinished (all paper). I really liked the rock one, which went for $84.
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