Steep Frozen Hillsides Build Character


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Ann Arbor MI
Not just for the flora but also the fauna crazy enough to attempt collection...

This tree, which I believe to be a maple, was growing on the side of a steeply graded berm of fill dirt. The tree was about 30 feet tall and the grade was such that the trunk was growing straight up after the main bend and the large root jutting off to the left was effectively acting as a tap root growing straight down. I loved the girthy taper and how the fast, fluid movement in the trunk would be balanced by the angle and prominence of the former tap root. At ground level the tree measured 22 inches around not counting that balancing root hanging out to the left.
We made eyes at each other for a few tense momentes and with the bulldozer bearing down on us we agreed (the tree and I) that it stood a marginally better chance of survival in my care. Frozen ground and caution be damned, out came the root slayer and razor saw. I had that monster lifted with only about 45 minutes of "serious ass busting" and another 25 minutes of "goofing around".
With the ground frozen solid I couldn't swap out the native soil or really do anything other than pray it lives but while flattening the roots/dirt/ice chunk down to sit in the box I found more than enough feeder roots to support a stump this size. When the thaw comes I'll explore the subterranean situation and get it into suitable soil but for now...
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