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It's a tropical that I bought from Erik Wigert on vacation in FL. He said it's very similar to a boug in it's ability to root cuttings and other behavior. Sorry, I just can't remember what it was. Anyway, here are some pics. He gave me some thoughts on it--he said either a slanting style (obvious) and the other was to cut the trunk after the first branches (just above roots) and make it a shohin (a pretty impressive one by his and my own measure--I'm leaning toward this one myself). I just want to get others' opinions of it. Thanks!


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You will want to go with plan "B". In my opinion the trunk above the first branches is too straight with no taper - and it is not a fixable problem. I would chop it back hard and continue to develop the new structure you already have in development.
i beleive that is a kind of privet i have 2 very very similar
The long trunk is quite ugly, i'm not one to give advice... but if it were my tree, i would chop that back HARD.... which is what Bonsainut advised i believe ;)
If you get rid of that straight branch you could have a nice shohin in time.
Thank you, Tiberious. I appreciate the POSITIVE comment...

Actually, I did chop it back hard, as I saw what b-nut originally spoke of. I agreed, and thought that the long portion of the trunk would make another nice little tree once it roots! :) Once my camera battery charges, I'll post pics of it. It will make a killer shohin, I believe. There is a little branch selecting to do, so I hope you guys can help with that aspect. I'm having a little bit of a difficult time, as there are positives and negatives of each branch. You'll see what I mean once I can post the pics.

Also guys, spare me the "'s as ugly as (insert name here)'s mama..." comments. I'd rather have constructive criticisms. Thanks.

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Did you camera every get charged.....Would like to see the progress on this one.

I too look forward to more pics.... From what I can see in the first picture you don't really need to get rid of many, if any at all of the branches. They all can be wired and found a home for. The 2nd reason I would keep them all would be to help heal the cut and strengthen the tree after you just chopped off a big part of the tree.

I see 2 distinct designs for this tree, each a very good little tree in 5 years. You have a nice start though....

Oh, this tree is barely prettier than Harrys big white a.....:eek::eek::D:D hahaha
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