Suggestions for Hibiscus acetosella

Has anyone ever used this plant for bonsai before? I really love the look of a japanese red maple, but I don't think those would survive here. I found this recently at a local nursery, but I don't really know how well suited it is for bonsai.

The leaves really do resemble a japanese red maple, but the internodes are fairly long, and the leaves are a little large. Any suggestions or advice are welcome.

Lake Forest, CA
That's very pretty shrub! I have never seen this type of hibiscus before. I don't think it could ever be develop to look like a Japanese maple, but it should still make for a perfectly good bonsai in its own right. How fast can it grow? If it is a fast grower, unlike some other dwarfed and stunted varieties, then it should make good bonsai. If I were you, I would plant it in the ground and let it grow freely for about 10 years, to increase trunk girth and get some wood on it, then chop it down low and start over again. Aim for a 15 year project. You should propagate the cuttings of this tree, since it may be rare and unusual. It is not common to find a red color foliage like this for a tropical landscape. It would make a great specimen shrub in a tropical landscape.

Good luck!

By the way, I have seen nice Japanese red maples in Hawaii. In the higher elevation I think.

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