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Italy, Bergamo
Hi, today I want to show you guys all the trasformation of this suiseki. It is a stone I collected a year ago when I was 17, and in some months I created the Daiza. Last year I then exposed the stone at a really important international exhibition here in Italy. In this thread I will show you the phases and explain you the reason and the meanings behind the exposition.

This was the first phase, you can see the tools I used for carving wood and the suiseki.

Here you can see the initial position of the rock. I didn't want it, my goal was to work the wood until the side of the rock below the tunnel touch it and the tunnel seems nicely placed on it.
Lots of work to do by the way😃

Here the rock started to be in the right position...
On the left you can see some fails😂

Here you can see an initial cutted shape.


First levigation and sketch of the daiza's feet.

Almmost finished, at least the major shape and structure. Now it just needed a looooot of levigation and a nice painting. I'll show you now the final suiseki at the exposition and explain it a little bit.


That is the final result. Pretty nice isn't it?

At the exhibition the name of the composition was "Toward the light". The composition shows a narrow cave, really unospitable, that have a small tunnel at the end where moon's rays are passing throught. In fact the suiseki is exposed with a Kekemono (sorry if it's not the right Japanese word) that represent the moon in a foggy night.

The exposition means that even if you are in a bad moment of your life, in a narrow cave, you have to keep walking, because the harmony, the calm and the peace you are searching for can be few steps near you. These searched things are represented by the moon.

Hope you liked it, it took me some months of work but I'm glad to have this piece of art in my bedroom.

Please let me know if you have any questions, doubts, perplexities or requests.
I'll be glad to answer you, if I can't I'll try to do it.

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