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Saturday, there was a phoenix graft workshop at the nursery.. Here is my tree... My teacher drilled the channel and screwed the tree into the driftwood. I did the repot, the pruning and the wiring.. The pruning and wiring took about 4 hours...The tree is around shohin size maybe 10 inches or so.


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Nice wood!

Rob, this is a real departure from the norm for you, a phoenix huh, I like what you did with it so far(from this side anyway), has definate potential. Nice Job.
Thanks Bill.... Actually, I kind of share my teaches sentiments about not being that big on these.. However, he gave the workshop to do something a little different. I figured it would be a nice deviation..I would much rather work on live material...However, live material that looks like this would put me in the poor house :D

Rob it is just another tool in the toolbox of tricks...As Behr said: Smoke and Mirrors... When you reach a level that makes others question if it is all real you know you have achieved the golden cup!
Hey Rob, nice wood, what kind? Do you have a shot from the other side?
Hello Irene... good to hear from you...It's been a while....

Yup, it's all smoke and mirrors... and if that's the case,....This tree is on fire in a fun house with a mirror maze...lol....

Here is a more clear pic of the tree..


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Hello garywood.. I do not know the origin of the deadwood.. The live tree is a shimpaku.. probably either itoigawa or kishu...

I do not have any pics of the back or side.. That may be revealing to much of the secret..just kidding..lol,,,, Actually, I'll take some and post them maybe tomorrow.. Actually, the back doesn't look too bad.. I left a bunch of back branches so it doesn't look bare in the back.. The main branches, however, look like some kind of crazy, octopus like configuration...well,,,not octopus, because there are 4 main branches on the live tree...

Nice work, I love that word...tanuki

keep it green,
Rob, now that we're not fighting ( :) ) let me say this is an extremely nice tree, both in conception and in execution. Really well done.

Rob the new pix is excellent, thanks. I'd like a look at the octopus as well.

Assumming Mr Romano was the teacher it looks like it falls into his relm of small trees anyway, neat new tool, again great job.
Thanks Harry........ You know, I almost posted that this one was for you... I know you like trees that look like this...Too bad this one is an illusion...lol

Thanks grouper52... I envisioned it and John had us sketch what we wanted it to like.. Basically, all the styling was done when I brought the tree home and it looks almost dead on to what my sketch looked like. Before the tree was attached to the wood.. I designated all the branches.. BRanch 1, 2, 3 and the apex.. So when I came home, I just wired them all in place and pruned it.. Thanks for the compliment.:)

Hello Bill..Yes, John was the instructor... My favorite bonsai size is actually medium.. However, I do share John's affinity for shohin..It is a very challenging size to work on..as you know..

My favorite bonsai size is actually medium.. However, I do share John's affinity for shohin..It is a very challenging size to work on..as you know..


Yah specially when you have big hands trying to hold on to those itty-bitty trees... :D

Beautiful styling job btw... love your tanuki. :)

Thank you miss Vic...Good thing I mostly work on Shimpaku.. If I break a bud or a branch..at least I can get it to grow back..

Here is how small the tree actually is...My hand is in the pic for scale.



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