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Fraser Valley, B.C, Canada
hi i just joined this site and this is my first post.

this is a rhodo. i just pruned it and am wondering what else should be taken out/fixed/reduced.
the tree is just under 1.5 ft.

im open to anything.



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Wil, and why did you decide to prune at this time of year on a rhododenrom?

Whats your idea for this material?
dang well when was i to prune it, i thought it was ok to prune during the winter. SHould it have been done in early spring???

i was planning to fill the bottom branches out to give it a nice full conopy where as it would more open in the middle of the tree
Is this an evergreen rhododendron? As a landscape tree, these things can be chopped severely and will backbud like crazy if you do it in mid spring and they are healthy. I think there is a risk of significant dieback pruning away all the foliage in mid winter, though maybe not as big a deal as with conifers. I guess we'll find out. Good luck,

In a real cold climate there could be a lot of dieback, but here in Seattle area (and probably BC) not too much. I cut one to the ground two years ago in winter and it's now 4' tall, but that one's in the ground. In a pot it would be more vulnerable. Spring is best though.
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