The American Shohin-Bonsai Association

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The American Shohin-Bonsai Association

A group of motivated shohin enthusiasts in the US have officially introduced a new national association founded to educate and to promote the art of shohin bonsai.
We are very excited about it!

Many of those on the board are quite enthusiastic and not particularly interested in the typical club organizational models - we are about promoting the love of shohin and mame bonsai!

Memberships are available at the website The organization will have bi-monthly newsletters (which is more like a mini magazine) as well as an informational website which is currently being developed (please be patient). The organization currently is working on many plans for the future that include workshops, trips to Japan and other areas of the world. We are also hoping to work with other bonsai organizations to in other conventions around the US.

I would like to extend an invitation to Bonsainut bonsai lovers to join and support this new endeavor. The club would like to offer everyone the opportunity to see what this club is all about so please email ASBA at for a copy of the Feb/March 2008 newsletter.

Of course, if you are interested in getting more involved than just a membership - contact us!
Karen Proctor
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