Tiny/Microscopic Bugs in Bonsai, Leaves Spotting


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I got a Ficus Bonsai last week, and it seemed perfectly fine. As the soil was completely dry, I watered it the next day, and many tiny microscopic insects came to the surface of the soil, and then crawled back down. When I lifted the pot from the plate (where the water drains), there were several of those tiny bugs crawling around. Now, my leaves are beginning to develop brown spots, which eventually cover the entire leaf. I'm new to the Bonsai world and I would love to keep it healthy- would insecticide work, or does the plant have to be re-potted? :(
Soil bugs are usually harmless, unless you're over watering.
Brown spots can be caused by a lot of things, the wrong soil being one possible cause. The change in humidity and location can be another cause.
I'm no ficus guy, but it helps when you post pictures of leaf issues. It helps people identify causes, so they can help you fix it.
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