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Hey everyone. Spring is is in full force here in Austin. I'm pleased that all my prebonsai survived the winter. In January of last year, I started with 6 one-gal. purchases from Brent at, two each of: trident maple, bald cypress, and cedar elm. One cypress and one elm crumped it last summer, probably due to my inexperience with watering. I'm planning on growing the four remaining plants out for at least a few years before any major trunk chopping or training, but I'm already seeing some nice trunk thickening from just this last year. My question now is whether there's a consensus on wiring a specific leader for these trees at this point. Should I just let them grow and not worry about what develops where? Or, should I specifically wire one lead branch upward and wire the others more horizontally to make sure that leader develops? From what I've read on this site or others, people seem to do both or any myriad of other things.

Here's some photos for reference.
Thanks all!


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Whelp. That didn’t work. Bye bonsainut.


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Whelp. That didn’t work. Bye bonsainut.
sorry for the delayed reply as I was out of town for a bit.


Combined with it being "spring photo dump" season (Sohemist I know) and this, the best bonsai resource available on the internet, growing as it is, and recently, ahem, inflated, by the FAKE "pandemic", and we certainly been missing some recent posts!

We'll try to do a better job now that we understand this to try to get someone saying something everywhere until someone who actually knows anything about something gets to answering!

However, you must realize that even if no one answers, this is bonsai, this patience is important too, you will only gain by waiting!

Ma Natche don't wire new leaders.


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