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Hello fellow tree huggers;
Can anyone explain how guy wires are
attached to the pots? Most pictures either show
attached to a root or just rising out of the soil
exactly where its needed?Threading wire up from the
bottom of the pot seems impossible.In H.Gustafason's
book [Bonsai workshop] he wraps wire completely
around the pot and then attaches the guy wire
to these.Any info? Thank you
You are only limited by your imagaination.

I have used a chop stick or other such object under the pot, tying wire to both ends and then using the other ends to hold down branches. This could also work without the object, but then you risk damaging your pot sides.

Roots work well, if you can get under them.

Some people have even screwed small screws into the trunk to tie the wire to.

You can come up through a drainage hole, but this is a pain unless you do so at re-potting.

If it is a plastic pot, you can just punch holes in the side.

Just remember, you are doing Bonsai, NOT pitching a Circus Tent. I am not sure that H.Gustafson is the best to emulate. Sure is a prolific writer though...

... and that is another reason why I prefer grow boxes for bonsai under training, multiple anchor points.

What is not seen on many trees that have a single, sometimes two guy wires on trees that are displayed, is the bamboo skewer/chopstick below the soil (during re-potting), more often than not under the root pad as an anchor. The final outcome is a clean method which if done correctly will not distract from the composition.
You are only limited by your imagaination.


Exactly. For anchor points, I've used deadwood/jin, the wires used to attach the root ball to the pot as well as wires pushed up through drainage holes, holes in the sides of wooden and plastic pots, rebar attached to the pot or the trunk/branches of the tree, etc. Walter Pall has a very simple method...he take a length of heavy wire, pushes a short portion of the wire into a drainage hole from below, thus anchoring it in the soil, and runs the remaining wire up the outside of the pot to act as the guy wire. It works just fine and takes about 10 seconds to complete the procedure.

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