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Bothell, WA
So this a general thread for folks that would like to share a photo of a tree they have worked on that they learned something about and would like to share with others.

It’s primarily to share so viewers learn a little bit more about a technique and the poster, or just what they are up to. Hopefully to bring members and closer together through their work without a lengthy thread.

A couple of easy to follow guidelines:
1. This a thread for all levels. I made this rule because I’m a newbie and wanted to include myself and all the awesome newbies out there.
2. The poster has to have done some work on the tree that took some time, say about 2 hours or more. It can be as simple a needle pruning a larger tree to more rarified levels like wiring pads or thread or approach grafting.
3. A photo must be included. More than one is welcome!

What is this thread not for?
This thread is not intended for in depth threads or lengthy progressions, but I encourage you all with cool progressions to post a teaser photo and a short summary with a link to your awesome progressions or other work. This will help serve as a gateway to some of the really fun stuff you are doing.

Finally, please be nice. If you don’t want to follow these guidelines, or complain about them, just don’t post.

That said, here’s an example something worked on recently:

I started as a volunteer at the Pacific Bonsai Museum this year so I’ll start here. In other posts, I’ll post home newbie stuff, sticks and stuff.

Being a rookie, I get all the interesting scut work. Needle Plucking R Us!

This post shows a Mountain Hemlock that was part of the main exhibit. I worked on it for about 6 hours off and on one day while Docenting, just needle plucking. It had been in the maintenance area before and got stressed in the 3/4 sun in the exhibit. Aarin, the Curator, ended up constructing a Partial shade screen over it. I sure learned a lot about plucking needles on a tree. By the way, it really helps to start at the top, otherwise I ended up doing double work. Took awhile for that to get through my thick head!

I love getting up close and personal to a tree, so I was in Hog Heaven!

Next time I‘ll post about the Museum I’ll try to add something about the creator or donor too.

DSD sends


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Clemson SC
I’ve historically thought little of Juniperus procumbens ’Nana’. Most are pitiful cascades. I’ve always associated them with folks new to the art, and treated them as gateway trees. Not really worth attention, but maybe doing some good at getting folks interested enough to progress past the pronana phase.

Then I was tasked with cleaning this one up. I don’t THINK I put any wire on it, but I certainly didn’t put much on it if I did. This was work was just about cutback and light thinning. A year or so after this picture, I repotted it as well. Ive come to really appreciate a well-done pronana, to the point that I’ve just bought several to get started and forget about for a few years while they develop.


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